Home Equity Line Guide

Closing Your Home Equity Line

Closing your Home Equity Line

You can cancel the credit home equity line before the specified draw period. However, you are canceling before the expiration date, so you have to pay the cancellation fee. The draw period of Home equity line is 10 to 20 years. It is usually borrowed by mortgaging home equity. Once the draw period is over, the arrears have to be paid. The faster you pay, the sooner you can close the home equity line.

Costs and fees for closing home equity lines

The home equity line has some features and those are the costs and fees that are presented when closing the home equity line. Although there are some lenders who do not have any closing costs. After all, if you repay the loan and want to close the HELOC within a certain period of time, you will have to pay a certain amount fee to the institution.

Origination fee: The origination fee is determined by the lender. This could be a percentage on the flat rent or the money borrowed.

Appraisal fee: A home appraiser is needed to determine the value of your home. The cost of an appraiser ranges from $ 300 to $450.

Credit Report Fee: The lender will check your credit score and report it. It costs $ 10 and $ 100 to create a credit report.

Insurance cost: HELOC’s closing costs include insurance costs. Insurance costs include title insurance, property insurance, flood insurance, and more.

Documents and filing fees: HELOC requires a variety of documents and a fee for the document. And these fees are up to $ 60.

Title Fee: Since the home lends to HELOC through mortgage, the lender must ask for the title.The purpose of the lender’s title search is to find out how many partners or claimants are in the house. This fee depends on the rules of the area. These costs can range from $100 to $ 450.

Tax: Another cost of HELOC is tax which is determined based on area law or lender requirements. However, the cost may change. But this cost can be 1 to 3 percent of your borrowed money.

Point: The point is the up-front fee which reduces the interest rate. Point is determined by one percent of your loan amount.

If I’m getting cash out with my refinance, will I receive the funds at closing?
No. You won’t receive the funds until three to five days after closing. The Truth in Lending Act requires your lender to give you three business days after closing to cancel the refinance. Since the loan isn’t technically closed until after that time passes, you won’t receive your funds until then.

Some HELOC costs

HELOC has some additional costs that are not included in the closing costs. These costs will usually depend on the lender, but many lenders do not claim these costs.

Annual fee: It pays an annual fee every year for a current account.

Transaction Fee: Although not all lenders claim these fees. If your lender pays you this fee, a certain amount will be charged each time you withdraw money from the card.

Inactivity fee: The borrower is paid an inactivity fee if he refrains from the transaction for a specified period of time.

Initial Completion Fee: If you HELOC before the expiration of the contract, the lender may charge you a cancellation fee.

 Before taking a loan, you must read the agreement and find out the cost and fees from the lender. 

How to reduce the closing cost of a home equity line?

Closing costs are expensive, but you can reduce closing costs. Here are some tips to reduce closing costs:


Decrease in debt to income ratio: When you repay consumer loans regularly, you will have multiple options on closing costs that will strengthen your position. For example, if you have a low credit score and a high credit score, you do not have to pay out of pocket cash for closing costs. The lender will add closing costs to the principal of the loan.


Shopping: Another way to reduce closing costs is to shop with multiple lenders. You can choose the best home equity line of credit for you by comparing closing costs among lenders.


Discuss with the lender: Discuss home equity loan fees and all costs with the lender and collect the information if necessary. This is because the lender can be flexible in terms of the cost of these charges. If your lender does not want to talk about closing costs or offer a discount, contact another lender.

How to Close a Home Equity Line of Credit


First, pay your HELOC arrears. If you want to cancel your home equity line of credit, do not delay, otherwise you will have to pay inactivity fee. According to some HELOC rules, if the home equity line of credit is canceled before the draw period, the primary fee is charged.


The second step is to contact the lender. Contact your creditors and explain in detail the reasons for canceling your HELOC. Ask the lender if they will offer you any incentives to close HELOC. Some lenders reduce the available line of credit and reduce the risk to the borrower. There are also some lenders who provide incentives to the borrower and in some cases waive the fees.


Pay the claim fee and request to close the home equity line of credit. If the term of your account is more than three years, the lender can deduct the fee courtesy. Or if you want to close your account in a hurry, you have to pay up to $ 500. However, in this case, your credit may be negatively affected.

How to Close a Home Equity Line of Credit

There may be strong reasons to close HELOC. Notable reasons for this are:

  • Lenders charge an annual fee on the credit card. If you are able to pay fast and do not want to pay the annual charge then it is a good decision to close HELOC.
  • You cannot re-mortgage or sell your home as long as HELOC is open on your home equity. Since you have a lien attached to your home, you must cancel it before making a transaction.


How long will it take to close my refinance?
Since there are fewer parties involved, closing may be substantially shorter than when you bought your home. Of course, you can always take your time if you have questions about what you’re signing. Plan to set aside about 30 minutes to sign and finalize all the paperwork.

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